Hospital Building Engineering Services

To a layman, a building might appear to be just an assembly of bricks and concrete put together in a well-designed fashion, however, it is more than just that. Designing a building takes a lot of conceptualizing, planning, designing and execution.

Not only the building structure but also the internal setup like the air conditioning, plumbing, electricals, etc are to be carefully planned and who better than an Engineering Services company to provide the right type of solutions. Engineering Services are key factors in successfully running an establishment.

You can have the air conditioner setup in the building but only a Building Engineer can help you choose the right type of machine and based on the layout of the building will place it in the right spots for an even distribution of conditioned air which in turn keeps even the remote corners pleasant.

Our Team of Building Design Engineers:

ThinkDrum’s Building Engineering Services ensures that we provide state of the art services at the most affordable cost. Our team of highly qualified and experienced Building Design Engineers provide design layout basis your requirement and tweak it on the go in order to meet your expectations and also complete the project on time.
With years of industry experience and the ability to think out of the box, our team ensures that no minor detail is overlooked and that every fitment is place not just to serve its purpose but also to add to the beauty of the establishment.

Our Working Style:

The design of a new establishment can be categorized in multiple segments. Right from the site analysis of the project, the cost analysis, first draft of the design, so on and so forth. The analysis of design is one of the vital factors in the process as it more often determines the entire cost of the project. More over how long an establishment lasts completely depends on the quality of materials used in the construction and we ensure that we provide the best layout at the most reasonable price.

Internal Fitment:

As much as the building is important, the internal fitments also play a crucial role in running the building. We at ThinkDrum ensure that the fitments are placed strategically so that they don’t hinder the workings of the building and last longer without the need to change them.
The electricals in the establishment ensure a smooth work flow and hence are to be installed very carefully. A single flip in the line can cause massive hindrance in the building and can put a brake to work. Hence our Construction and Building Engineering experts will help you avoid such mishaps
We at ThinkDrum understand your needs and deliver to you the hospital of your dreams and hence we are the leading HealthCare Architecture Firm in India.
Healthcare planning and designing unlike regular building design is very intricate and needs to be planned to the very last detail to ensure not just the efficient running of the establishment but the safety of the patients. Our aim is to help you realize your dream and build a healthcare facility where the patients not only are cured but leave the establishment with a bright smile on their faces.
We take Hospital Project Consultancy not just as a business but more as our obligation towards our clients to provide the best in class facility that their patients happily choose.