Hospital Architecture: Design to unite & inspire people

As a full-service firm that combines hospital architecture, engineering, experience and many other related design services, collaboration is at the heart of what we do as focused hospital architects . We combine the expertise of various disciplines to approach projects from every angle. This rigorous process balances the needs of the project with the needs of the client — delivering solutions that last longer than style or trend reflects specially in hospital architecture in India & Overseas.

This process is supported by our use of hospital architecture design technologies, which manage and translate vast amounts of data into hospital architecture that can be tested and manipulated in real time. The advanced tools and activities we employ (along with proprietary modelling and return on investment software) form a robust platform for project design and delivery focused for  hospital architecture in India.

Innovative hospital architecture and design must change us, move us and allow us to become something new. We’re motivated by the curiosity to investigate how that innovation can work across hospital projects, places and people.

Our industry-experienced engineers design highly integrated hospital facilities where every aspect is carefully conceived to provide the desired experience within the built environment, perform reliably and efficiently support the anticipated outcomes for hospital architecture in Indian users. By providing well-informed custom design solutions for our clients, our engineers are able to adapt rapidly to the unique challenges of a variety of market sectors and building types. We leverage our past experience through the use of data and predictive analytics to provide resilient solutions and drive design decisions early in the project delivery process.

We apply a comprehensive cross-disciplinary hospital architecture design process and studio approach to creating interior environments that support an organization’s mission and elevate the user’s experience. Whether we’re designing a start-up corporate office or a 500-bed acute care facility, we know that the most ambitious goals are achieved by paying attention to the smallest details. Our experienced interior designers balance the increasingly important role of technology with the need to create sustainable, humanistic and comfortable spaces.

Hospital architecture plan can be broken down into three parts for better understanding; the exterior design, the interior design and the placement of essential equipments.

The Exterior Design:

Exterior design creates the first impression of the entire brand and it is crucial that it is being designed correctly. It starts from the very entrance of the healthcare centre which means the gates are the first thing that the patient notices. The gates are supposed to command authority and must radiate positivity so that the minute the patient enters into the gates, they must feel that they have finally arrived at a place where they will be cured.
The next is the building. The exterior of the building, the design, the colour combination, the brand logo and everything in-between must be perfectly placed. The patient will subconsciously absorb everything that is in his environment and will draw assumptions regarding the healthcare centre. Hence it is really important to ensure that all these factors are being taken care of. A lot of healthcare facilities have greenery as it is said that greenery helps patients heal faster. Adding plants and shrubs into the hospital vicinity goes a long way in helping the patients create a positive mindset and help them heal faster.

The Interior Design:

The interior design helps the patient to get at ease and move into a state of calmness as it is a psychological effect when someone walks into a peaceful environment they automatically get into state of relaxation. A lot of factors contribute towards this state; first is the colour of the walls. Colours play a significant role in healing a patient as the positive vibes make a huge difference.

Another aspect is the lighting, the lightings define the entire environment as the right amount of lights are required in the healthcare. The furniture placement is also another aspect that plays an important role in the entire decorum as too much of it would congest it and too little would be insufficient.

Essential Equipment:

Essential equipment ensures that the entire facility function seamlessly. The air condition setup, the paintings on the walls, the layout of the entire healthcare and all the bits and pieces that make the facility function effortlessly. Top healthcare architecture firms ensure that all these aspects are being taken care of so that your hospital facility is functioning properly.

Healthcare facility is a place where patients come to heal themselves with a belief that the place that they are entering will help them recover. Hence it is necessary that you provide a good psychological comfort to the patients.