Healthcare Branding and Communication

Branding in any field helps a business to stand apart from the competitors. Brands helps a business communicate their values, ethics and the services and product that they have to offer to their customer. Without proper branding it is close to impossible for any business to be identified and thrive in the market as it is all about brand recall in the customer’s mind. The more the customer remembers about your brand, higher the chances of them coming back or recommending it to others. Healthcare branding is no different; if you look closely, every healthcare facility has its own personality. The entire setup is unique and that is what differentiates the healthcare facility from its competition.

Benefits of Branding:


Our team of structural design experts draw a space program where in they draft options for the client. Dimensions of every room and activity spaces is being taken into consideration whilst sketching the plan and chalking out the summary area statement. This schedule encompasses the total net department areas, an estimate of circulation area requirements that would work in tandem with departmental activity and total gross target construction area. These calculations help in understanding the total built up area of the entire project and the number of floors which will give an estimate cost of construction also defines the weight loading of the structure.

Communicates Confidence to the Patients:

The customer is at the centre of every service and product industry and healthcare is no different. Strong brands have the knack to make themselves available to the patients as a resource that is at their disposal throughout. This builds a concrete relationship amongst the patients and the brand and serves as a benchmark for future interactions.

Ease Financial Tension:

Tax reforms, volatile healthcare reforms, the needs to reduce cost due to
overspending of budget leads to a lot of financial tension in a healthcare brand. However, a well-established brand knows how to earn goodwill from its patients and navigate its way past financial unrest.

Safeguards from Mergers and Acquisitions:

A well-established healthcare brand is always immune to the risk of M&A. For the brands who identify themselves as market leaders that enter into an
M&A discussion have an upper hand whilst getting merged or acquired and can manipulate the entire process in their favour. Also, a strong healthcare brand will always add value to an M&A.

Healthcare Branding Tactics:

Branding tactics at times sounds a little too overwhelming than they generally are. The key is to figure out the right statistical data that you can use to derive conclusion basis which you can design a strategy. However, which data to select is a question that only an expert would be able to answer. We at ThinkDrum, consult our clients and try to understand their perspective of their healthcare facility and accordingly offer our advice. Basis these discussions we decided what type of data should we use to analyse.

Customer Insights:

The main crux of your business is to serve patients and hence customer insights are the first type of data that we would be looking at for our analysis. The
demographics and psychographics of the customer is the key and adding to that they buying behaviour also helps draw concrete conclusions to build a successful health brand. Knowing what type of diseases, the patients contract frequently will help you devise a strategy where in you can position yourself as an expert in that said domain.

Competition Analysis:

As a brand, you must be well aware of what your competition is currently doing in the market so that you can capitalize on their mistakes and learn from their winnings as to how you can offer the same service in a better manner. Branding in healthcare industry is all about which healthcare facility provides the best service for the said disease and at times the cost associated with it. If you are able to deliver just the right mix of these two factors, the patients will choose you every time.

Brand Identity:

Whilst you are building your brand identity, you must be clear about what you stand for and what you have to offer. Even your vision and mission must be clearly communicated to the patients. A healthcare branding agency will help you identify these factors and help you communicate an effective message where in your patients feel safe and confident while walking into your establishment for their treatment.

Repositioning and Rebranding:

You can explore the possibility of repositioning your brand to make it more relevant for today’s time. Over a period of time the brand position becomes obsolete as times changes, the brand must adapt to the change in order to keep oneself relevant.

Healthcare Interior Design:

Healthcare interior design also plays a significant role in branding as what your patients see when they step into your facility is what they perceive
your brand to be. Utmost care must be taken to ensure that the entire establishment must radiate positivity and healing so that they patient is always at ease.