Healthcare & Hospital Consultancy Services in India

Being the leading and trend-setting hospital consultancy in the country, we at ThinkDrum believe that ideas and plans need an ideal environment to flourish which leads to some of the most inspiring and creative designs. Post conceptualization, these ideas need to be implemented and transformed into reality which requires a lot of planning, experience and the ability to anticipate any delays or roadblocks and with the dedication and leadership skills of our team members, we can help you and your hospital transform these designs into a reality.

We understand your needs:

We understand that Hospital Planning and Designing is one of the most challenging aspects of architecture and what separates us from the rest of the healthcare consultants is that we understand your needs and ideas, and through meticulous planning and creative thinking, we are able to deliver some of the most innovative and creative Healthcare Interior Designs which will not only ensure that your hospital gets the recognition it deserves but also establish it among the top Hospitals and Healthcare centers in the country.

What makes us different:

At ThinkDrum, we understand that there can be absolutely no compromises in the medical field and that the design of your hospital should offer your patients a comforting and caring environment in order to help put their minds at ease and provide a smooth road to recovery. We understand the challenges and difficulties faced by Hospitals across the country and as hospital consultancy service, we ensure that we stand by you at all times.

Giving you a virtual experience:

Many a time, virtual presentations and designs may look and appear attractive on screen, but when executed they look nothing like what was being envisioned. What makes us one of the leading healthcare consultants in the country is our ability to understand what causes these hiccups and why the finished design does not do justice to the virtual one. With the help of superior design tools and an unparalleled understanding of material, finishes, colors and shades helps amalgamate all the creative ideas into one mould and produce designs that give you a virtual walk-through of the final product. This ensures that the final execution is just according to the design, which not only gives you and your hospital exactly what it needs but also ensures that we are able to do justice to these ideas which is what separates us from the rest of the healthcare business consultants in India.

Effective communication is key:

For a Healthcare Interior Design project to be executed successfully, it is important to ensure that the communication between the client and the Healthcare Architecture Firm is not only seamless but also effective and productive. As a hospital project consultant, we believe in complete transparency from start to finish and therefore, our team of designers stay in constant touch with you, by providing you with timely updates of the status of your project. It is due to these pleasant experiences that over the years, we have become one of the most trustworthy and dependable project consultancy companies in the country, and with an ever-increasing clientele and projects undertaken and completed in the assured time-frame, our clients have had a delightful experience with us. Our clients take great pride in the design and overall look of their hospitals and it brings us great joy to serve them in the most effective manner.

At ThinkDrum, our approach, planning, execution, sticking to deadlines, and effective communication is what makes us one of the best hospital consultancy services in India and have been able to add to our extensive list of clients in a relatively short time. We believe and understand the importance of teamwork and together we can convert your hospital designs into a reality.