Hospital Structural Design: The First and The Most Important Step in Hospital Design

Hospital structural design is at the core of establishing any hospital as it is crucially important to use the entire space optimally. As it is a hospital space, every inch of space counts as the entire function of the  hospital depends on how well it has been designed structurally. Easy said than done, it is not only about designing the space but designing the way you like it. For us, client’s preference comes first and we want to ensure that we help our clients build the hospital facility of their dreams. The biggest achievement for any hospital structural designing firm is to help their clients vision come to reality and we ensure that we get to live that moment every single time.

Space Programming:

Our team of structural design experts draw a space program where in they draft options for the client. Dimensions of every room and activity spaces is being taken into consideration whilst sketching the plan and chalking out the summary area statement. This schedule encompasses the total net department areas, an estimate of circulation area requirements that would work in tandem with departmental activity and total gross target construction area. These calculations help in understanding the total built up area of the entire project and the number of floors which will give an estimate cost of construction also defines the weight loading of the structure.

Architectural Design:

An architectural design helps in conceptualizing the entire structure of the building and how the placement of the entire space will be considering the structural elements such as beams/columns/slabs, etc. This helps in envisioning the entire project so that you can make an informed choice so that if there are any changes required, they can be worked upon right there
instead of starting the project and then realising that there needs to be a change. Healthcare structural design is a serious task as healthcare is one of the most sensitive industry where everything needs to be precise or else things might go haywire. Hence our experts ensure that no detail is overlooked and that every aspect of the project is being carefully scrutinized.

Drawing of the Project:

Drawings give detail specification of the project and helps initiate the entire project into execution. Structural design for hospital can be executed only once there are concrete designs and measurements and these drawings provide just that. Our practice is to run these drawings by our clients so that they understand what their project dimensions will be like and then after approval we begin the execution.

Speaking of structural design, these designs not only include the brick and cement components of the establishment but it encompasses the overall design of the hospital. Right from the electrical cables that would run throughout the hospital to other components that help the healthcare facility function seamlessly, everything is being designed to the very detail to ensure that the entire establishment is error proof.

The mere placement of cables throughout the building, even though it sounds simple is a little tricky because as hospital structure design engineers we need to ensure that optimal amount of cables are being used and that they are routed efficiently in order to cover the entire facility. Same goes with air conditioning, there has to be an even flow of conditioned air that would keep the temperature uniform throughout the facility so that there are no bursts of chills when patients move from one section to another.
A hospital building design is the most crucial step in building a highly functional healthcare center so that it runs efficiently. There are 1000s of patients that visit the hospital on a daily basis and then there are the relatives of the patients who visit as well, hence, it is necessary that there is a smooth flow of process and that there is no obstruction between any department that will cause a hindrance to the functionality of the entire healthcare centre.
At ThinkDrum, we take hospital project consultancy with utmost passion and we boast a team of enthusiast that wish to help create hospitals of the future where patients heal and at the same time have a beautiful overall experience. The ambience of the healthcare facility matters the most whilst curing a patient and that is something that we strive to deliver. Healthcare interior designing ensures that the minute someone enters the healthcare facility they must feel at ease and also feel the confidence that now they would heal. Bringing about this confidence amongst the patients is what we specialise in as it all depends on how well the interior is being designed. From the colour of the walls to the placements of the lights, everything matters.
Once you appoint us as your hospital structural design expert, you can be rest assured that your dream is in the right hands.