Hospital & Healthcare Planning and Designing

At ThinkDrum, we believe that every project needs to be personalized and requires a lot of detailed groundwork while designing a hospital building, to ensure that every step of the execution is completed flawlessly. Over the time, ThinkDrum has become one of India’s leading hospital planning organizations with the help of state-of-the-art clinical planning and a patient centric approach. With a team of experts such as healthcare architects, doctors, biomedical engineers and trained staff who are able to plan every minor detail of your hospital project, it can be assured that you can own the hospital that you have always visualized.

Our Team of Expertise:

At ThinkDrum, our team of consultants ensure that the quality of the design is top-notch and that we plan every minute detail to the tee ensuring that everything stays on track and is executed as planned. Our team works together in close consultation with the client in order to get an understanding of the values and philosophy which helps us in making the project unique.

Understanding your needs:

While planning and designing every aspect of hospital architecture design, we ensure that the final plan is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary design with scope and provisions to incorporate future expansions making your project future-proof which is one of the many factors that separate us from other hospital designers and planners. We believe that while planning a hospital building it is crucially important to design a state-of-the-art structure for effectiveness and accessibility.

Why brands opt for us:

Over the years, ThinkDrum has come up with some of the most inspiring hospital plans and designs that are efficient, economical to build, while also being flexible to change and evolution thus ensuring that your hospital never looks outdated.

We help you stand out:

Given the vast number of hospitals in and around the country, having a signature hospital design plan will not just give your hospital the recognition it deserves, but will also make it stand out amongst your competitors. When you have a team of dedicated designers who have been in the industry of planning, designing and construction of healthcare facilities it gives enormous confidence as our team of designers plan every small detail to ensure that your Healthcare Facilities Planning and Design is up to your impeccable standards.

We stay with you till the end:

Planning, designing and construction of healthcare facilities is best left to the professionals who have access to various visual aids, software and graphic designs in order to present virtual designs with the ability to make changes on the fly, thus ensuring that precious time is saved in the execution and ensuring that there are no delays in completion of the project. As the primary role of every hospital is to ensure that its patients receive the best care and medical attention, one factor that can have a direct influence on the same is the layout of the hospital and with the right hospital architecture design, you can be rest assured that the same can be made a lot more achievable.

What separates us from the rest:

At ThinkDrum, we ensure that while our team of hospital designers and planners come up with some of the most exquisite designs, we also pay close attention to the safety and efficacy of the hospital, while ensuring that the design radiates positivity.
It is a universally accepted fact that if you make a good first impression people tend to carry that along with them for years to come and therefore it is of paramount importance that your hospital leaves every visitor, every patient and every family member with a good and positive impression which will not just help your hospital and brand grow but will create a sense of value.
So, get in touch with us for all your Healthcare Facilities Planning and Design needs and we will be more than happy to answer all questions and help you build a hospital of your dreams.